3D Assembly Videos

A Setup Video quickly demonstrates your products assembly, installation, and operation. We convert your manuals into 3D videos that increases customer satisfaction while decreasing costly product returns and support calls.

It's easy to turn your manual into a Setup Video.
Your Setup Video

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3D Product Demo Videos

High quality life-like images & 3D animations to help enhance your proposals, presentations, and websites.

Training Videos

Get employees up and running faster and help eliminate time and money spent on one-on-one training.

3D Assembly Videos

Show how to assemble your products faster decreasing support calls and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Every Setup Video includes:

Ultra High Definition 4K

Every Setup Video comes in ultra high definition 4K formats for use on any website.

Interactive Video Player

Our interactive video player guides users through the assembly process on any smartphone, desktop, or tablet.

Professional Voiceovers

All videos come with professional voiceovers in English.

Closed Captions

Every video comes with closed captions that are compliant with Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA)

Customizable Branding

We'll brand your video with your logo and color scheme and provide you the illustrations used in the process.

Quick Access QR Code

We generate a QR code for you video so your customers can quickly access your video.

Ready to turn your old manuals into new 3D videos?